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July 2009
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Grow big! Grow strong! For I gave you the world
When you reached for it with your baby hands.
Grow big! Grow strong! And walk, my girl;
May your strong little feet know many lands.

Grow big! Grow strong! Grow loved and secure
As you are when you lie in my arms at home.
Grow big! Grow strong! And grow so self-sure
That you never need fear just to be alone.

Grow big! Grow strong! Let the whole world know
That the love of Linnea is full of charm.
Grow big! Grow strong! And grow old, grow old.
Let the sum of your life be more joy than harm.


These are the wishes I have for Jack, but you say them far more eloquently.

This one's fantastic. They've all been good, but this one reminds me of such ones as 'Tell me the truth about love'. Lucky Linnea!

Thank you.